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Property Maintenance Services

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Our individualized Property Maintenance Services is a natural extension of our commitment

Fortunately, at WORKS by JD we like taking care of homes and we very much like reducing the pressure of owning a home or vacation property. Our individualized, personalized Property Maintenance Service takes over seasonal chores, like mowing and removing invasive plants, but it does much more than that. It gives you peace of mind, with reliable experts taking care of your property.

We know what to look for from chimney top to foundation to prevent small maintenance tasks from turning into big repairs and renovations. We come equipped to handle emergencies and find dependable, professional sub contractors when needed. We treat your home or vacation property the way you yourself would treat it: with forethought, care, craftsmanship and good judgment.

Our individualized Property Maintenance Service is a natural extension of our commitment.  For details of how we can help you to maintain your home or vacation property through every season of the year with Property Maintenance Services, please call 978-291-7704 or email us today.

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