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Believe it or not, the colors and patterns on your walls can influence the degree to which you can fully rest. A new coat of a calming color or a fresh wallpaper can dramatically change the way you feel when you walk into a room. In fact, Psychologist Dr. Mary Gregerson says, “Color affects you totally, with both your mind and your body responding together to the outside stimulus.” It's safe to say, the design and feel of your home matters and we're here to make sure it's exactly what you need.

We cover every possible base: Interior & Exterior Painting, Cabinet Refinishing/Refacing/Spraying, Wallpapering, Color Consultations, Wood Staining, Refinishing, Restoration and Rot Repair. 

Susan G.

Salem, MA

"My husband (a former architect) and I have high standards and we are both perfectionists. The work Jesse and his team did in our historic home was flawless and we are extremely happy with it. Not only did they paint, but they carefully filled in dents in the old woodwork beforehand. The room looked brand-new when they were done."

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