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Guaranteed Craftsmanship 

We understand that your home is often the largest asset you own. 

You want to make sure that the contractor you hire does the job right.

There is hardly a builder, contractor, or subcontractor in existence who does not stand behind their work. But to what extent?  A contractor would rarely have a problem taking care of a reasonable punch list after the project’s completion. Many will provide up to a single year to fix mistakes.  But then? You're on your own.

WORKS by JD provides guaranteed craftsmanship with a Five-Year Warranty.  At the beginning of your renovation, we work with you to develop a plan that sets realistic expectations, a budget, and a set of standards to be met.  With this plan, you will have fewer surprises along the way, timelines will be met, and quality can be controlled.  Exceeding your expectations throughout your entire project is our goal.


Immediately upon the completion of work, you receive a warranty document that goes well beyond the industry standard of one year.

Building trust and building relationships is how we succeed building houses.

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