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Our Most Recent Building Community Event:
Beverly, MA Porch for Foster Care Family

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PROJECT 1: Bring Sandro Home for the Holidays

PROJECT 1 OVERVIEW: When Sandro Bruni, 21, headed back to his senior year of college at Ohio Wesleyan this past September, nobody would have predicted that within weeks, this dynamic, healthy wrestler would be diagnosed with cancer and unable to walk. Although Sandro was able to move post-surgery, a few weeks later what turned out to be a blood clot at the site left Sandro unable to walk, and with limited sensation below the chest. Because of this life-altering health crisis, Sandro and his family need prayers, support, and love.  For Sandro to return home, modifications will need to be made for wheelchair accessibility. 


Sandro’s family needs immediate help for expenses not covered by insurance, such as:

  • Wheelchair-accessible housing modifications for once Sandro is discharged from Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in December 2023.

  • Medical and adaptive equipment, and potentially modifications to the home.

  • Personal care assistance, beyond what the family can provide.

  • Ongoing treatment—including travel and housing costs for Sandro and his family, if he’s lucky enough to become part of a clinical trial in a city far from home.


Please help if you can. No amount is too small (or too big!)  To make a financial contribution, or learn more about Sandro's story, please click the button.  


SPECIAL THANKS TO VOLUNTEERS FROM: Cummings+Warner, Briarwood, Inc., FBN, WORKS by JD, Tibbetts Electrical, Highline Construction, WR Carter Carpentry, C2MG, Saulnier Floors, The Builders & Remodelers Association of Greater Boston  

Sandro Bruni Head Shot

Our Kickoff Event:  

On October 5th we kicked off the Building Community: Work Together, Give Back Initiative. After an amazing panel discussion with local leaders that was focused on collaboration and teamwork, Jesse challenged the guests to commit to help build community by working together and giving back.  We will be selecting three projects that help people who truly need help within our communities. We will be asking for donations of time, skills, materials and finances to help complete these projects. We can't do this without your participation and 89 attendees verbally committed to showing up for the community!


 We are so excited and proud to be part of this initiative and look forward to completing our first projects in Q4 '23 and Q1 '24.  Please look for our emails and social media posts calling for assistance with these projects.


Below are photos and videos of the event.    


What's next?

It's time to give back.

We have some amazing people and organizations that we're hoping to partner with in the coming year, but we need YOU to make those projects possible. If you want to say, "Yes!" to offering services or resources (or want to learn more) fill out the form below.

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