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Interior Paint Inspiration With Fall In Mind!

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

As the seasons change, people are inspired with new colors and new feelings. If you’re getting creative int the home this season, and you’re really inspired by a new color, you may find yourself tackling a paint project in the home.

There’s much that goes into interior paint projects in the home, and WORKS can do it all. From comparing paint samples to ensuring thorough coverage to the final cleanup, we’ll ensure you’re happy with your project and you get the new, fresh look you were hoping for.

Spring wet paint pallet

Whether it be a historical home on the North Shore or a newly purchased home, WORKS Painting will complete the painting project on time and on budget.

Deciding on paint colors, finish, design, and fixtures to complement the new project is always something to think about. You can get creative with colors, doing a two-tone or a tri-tone look on some of your walls. Consider accent walls and murals. Think about the art you’ll hang, the lighting you’ll want for the room, and the staging and furniture you’ll include when the project is complete.

Color is easily manipulated to create illusions. When you explore options for paint that will work well in your home, you can begin to create multidimensional appearances and spaces. When you experiment with color, you can make your home visibly and drastically different. Sometimes remodels and renovations are unnecessary, and you can get the change you’re looking for with a paint project. 

Bright spring living room

With the fall setting in, you may be thinking about earth tones this year. Earthy tones are great for the home, providing a comfortable and warm aesthetic. Grey, soft green, brown, tan, and shades of burgundy can be beautiful for the home. Explore colors like pale yellow, beige, and cream. You may find a concept you like with a combination of a few different colors. 

The trick to a superb paint job is extensive preparation. Our painting contractors rise to the occasion by helping you choose colors that hold up against changing sunlight and fit with the surrounding rooms or landscape. Before color is applied, we clear the area, make necessary repairs, clean and sand surfaces, and apply primer. We are meticulous and clean, and we respect every home in which we work.

color swatches and floor options

Get that fresh feel and new look with the help of WORKS painting. We’ll help you through every step of the process, and brighten up the home as you wish. There is nothing better than the fresh smell of paint in the home! Reach out to WORKS by JD today and let’s book a time to chat. 

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