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Expert Painter for Your Home

Updated: Jan 2

The color sample you see on your mobile phone and in the store might not hold up once you return home. Lighting, furnishings, trim and accessories like window treatments and wall hangings all affect the way you perceive color. Even the shift between a sunny day and an overcast one can change how your eye sees a color.

Mark Baldarassi, the WORKS by JD Painting Supervisor, is our expert painter for your home. He has an eye for color the way expert gardeners have green thumbs. He has an instinct for color— and could match the green thumb, too.

Three aspects of color matching that many homeowners overlook:

  1. Environment: Inside paint choices should remain a good choice under changing light and next to the furnishings and accessories in a room; they should also complement the colors in adjacent rooms. Outside paint should work well with the plants and scenery surrounding your house, including nearby homes.

  2. Flexibility: If you like to redecorate often, a neutral color on the walls may give you more opportunity to change furnishings and accessories without having to repaint. Special wall treatments inside and complex, multi-colored paint schemes outside should fit your budget and tolerance for continuing maintenance or change.

  3. Usage: A treasured display in the living room, children and pets on the deck and a dartboard in the family room all create different demands on painted surfaces. They may, for example, dictate the choice between flat, full gloss and semi-gloss paint. You may also find that you make quite different choices for your main home versus your vacation home or rental property.

Freshly Painted Bathroom

Paint is tricky, and WORKS by JD is here to help you find a solution that functions with your lifestyle and taste to give you years of enjoyment.

Learn more about our painting services here.

Please contact us; Mark and his talented team are ready to start when you are.

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