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Basement Remodel Ideas

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Dark, dank, and neglected basements are often overlooked as a potential area for family hangouts and additional living space. Do you need some remodel ideas for a new basement? Working with an experienced contractor, a basement remodel can even help increase the home’s market value. An annual report from Remodeling Magazine showed that the average basement remodel has a 70.3 percent payback on the initial investment. Here are some of the popular approaches to remodeling the basement.

Build Out a Family Space with a Basement Remodel

A newly remodeled basement by WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis in Beverly, MA

Home Office

Now that we have moved from commuting, to work from home and now to a hybrid model it is now obvious that  finding a permanent solution for your zoom calls by  eliminating the distractions of home life is needed.  You may even need a second home office.  In New England, we don’t always have room to bump out or up, going down and maximizing that basement space can be a perfect solution.

Add a Bedroom

Another popular home remodel is a basement bedroom to serve visiting guests or an aging parent or relative. Among other roles, it can be a sanctuary for the family shift worker who needs quiet and privacy during the day. A basement bedroom should be designed around a window for adequate light and ventilation and should include sufficient closet space. Direct access to the outside can also be built in for code and safety requirements. Many homeowners opt to add a bathroom at the same time for increased functionality.

Make a Theater Room

Basement theaters are usually designed in three categories depending on the budget and preferences. The most intensive is a projection room with surround sound, remote control lighting, stadium seating, and leather recliners. A middle ground is a wall-mount TV with a sectional sofa and space for video gaming and entertainment. The most minimal and multi-functional option is a built-in entertainment unit with a large flat screen TV and components to hook up to a digital cable box, Blu-ray player, and gaming console.

Create a Bar

Cold East Coast winters, may not even allow homeowners to leave the house to pay a visit to their favorite establishment. A home bar is ideal for casual visiting, family gatherings, entertaining, and special occasions. Additions like a mini-fridge, keg with a tap, or wine cellar make it feel even more official. Hanging cabinets for glasses, a washing sink, and plenty of counter space will complete the design.

Our team at WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis has helped homeowners in the North Shore

area transform their basements into multi-functional spaces built for the whole family.

Browse our gallery of services for more inspiration for your home or fill out our contact form to discuss your thoughts about remodeling your basement.

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