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A Cohesive Team for Your Restoration or Renovation Project

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Any home restoration or home renovation project involves a multitude of specialists, potentially including carpenters, electricians, plumbers, flooring installers, painters, cabinet and countertop installers, drywallers and HVAC experts, among others. In addition, homeowners have to deal with local inspectors and permitting offices.

Keeping everyone on schedule and on task is difficult at best. I know, because that’s been my job for the last decade. As a general contractor, my chief responsibility is to shield the homeowner from the aggravation of a restoration or renovation, while respecting the timeline and budget and ensuring the highest quality of work. I dedicate 24×7 to that job, more time and energy than most homeowners can afford to spend.

In addition, my general contracting experience and connections have helped me to put together a team that I know can be trusted. Every member of that team has to meet my standards for professionalism and quality before they ever appear on the site. They arrive when promised, put in a full day’s work and keep the homeowner informed.

Finally, I have experience to spare in dealing with permitting rules and building regulations throughout the North Shore of Boston.

But here is the best news for homeowners. Most of the skills you need for fine restorations and renovations are available right within WORKS. That means you don’t have to hire a separate painter, who is waiting on a separate drywaller, who is waiting on a separate insulation installer. It also means that if you have a question or concern you take it to only one place: WORKS. You never have to argue with five different people about the need for a change. In fact, you never have to argue at all: at WORKS, we pride ourselves in listening carefully to homeowners and addressing their questions and concerns immediately.

By dealing with a general contractor’s cohesive team for your restoration or renovation project, you save time, money, energy and regrets, not to mention your sanity. Convinced? Contact WORKS today.


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