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Why Is This The Best Time To Plan Your Deck Installation?

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

It may still seem too early to be thinking about deck installation for some homeowners. It’s still cold outside, and we’re still enjoying curling up in the warmth with our family and pets. In reality, when considering deck installation or repairs, this is the best time of year.

Like any project, installation takes planning and mapping out the details. Though you may know what you want out of your new deck project, planning and mapping out the project may still take longer than you think. Your home’s exterior will need to be assessed by a WORKS professional, and we’ll guide you through the details and questions.

We will be happy to assist you in choosing the right material for your deck. WORKS constructs decks with the newest, most reliable, long-lasting and maintenance-free materials. If you don’t want to design and build a customized deck, we still renovate existing decks to get you where you want to be.

Mapping Out The Details Of Your Installation

Patio Deck with table, umbrella, and chairs

You can think about where you want your deck on your home, what style of deck you want, and which view/outdoor space you want to utilize.

Do you want a wrap-around deck? Do you want a smaller or larger deck extended around the side of the home? How high do you want your railings? Do you want a bench seat around the edge of your deck? These are all important questions you can ask yourself before you reach out to WORKS.

Deck Furnishings & Accessories 

As you have your deck updated or installed, you will then want to think about furnishings and accessories. Many homeowners love the look of Adirondack chairs on the deck, a hanging swing, flower pots, and plants.

Some people keep grills and outdoor cooking accessories on the deck for spring entertaining. If you plan to make the deck home to some of your items, consider storage units or tarps for protection from wind and rain. You can leave these things on the deck permanently as long as they are safe and secure on your property.

Security With Gates and Fences

Multi level deck from yard view

When planning outdoor areas, decks, and other elements of the home for spring, it’s always good to think about security.

When the warm weather comes and we’re always spending time outdoors, you may want to be sure you have a fence or some sort of locking gate for privacy. Especially if you have young children and pets, fences and gates can do wonders for keeping everyone safe and in the yard.

Whether your deck is a retreat, a statement, an entertainment area, an outdoor kitchen or front-row seating for a truly unique view, WORKS will make sure it is beautiful, comfortable, functional—and able to withstand year-after-year of New England weather. Reach out to us today at (978) 360-2710 and let’s build together.

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