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What Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Updated: Jan 11

What does a kitchen remodel cost?

We are here to help find out “What does a Kitchen Remodel Cost?" The only way to do this is to build an actual budget for your project, not an estimate. Works by JD has been in the home remodeling and construction business on the North Shore since 2001.  We are a company that runs multiple teams of carpenters and painters and average roughly 50 jobs per year.  The majority of the projects we design, and build are whole house remodels, better brand to luxury kitchens, and bathrooms and a handful each of basements, decks/outdoor living, and additions.   To help you understand “What does a kitchen remodel cost?”, you first need to understand that there many different levels of remodel. Every kitchen is customized to the homeowners preferences and therefore every kitchen will have a different price.  With that said, you now must determine what you would like in your new kitchen.

Where to start:

Before you call a contractor, you should begin by measuring your kitchen. Measure wall to wall and floor to ceiling.  Literally.  How wide and how long is your kitchen, and how high is your ceiling?   If you don’t have a measuring tape a good trick is to spread your arms out straight to the sides.  Then figure how many times you can do that across the room.  The distance between the tips of your longest fingers with your arms spread wide is very close to your height.   Now that you can figure the square footage of the room,  start thinking about what you want to change.  Why do you want to do this project.  What do you love about your kitchen, what do you hate? Are you going to be keeping anything? Let’s start thinking about how you want the new kitchen to look.


  1. What color are the cabinets?

  2. What color and material are the counter tops

  3. What type of backsplash do you want?

  4. What type of floors would you like?

  5. What appliances do you want? What color? Where will they be located?

  6. What type of stove?  Electric, Induction, Gas, Dual Fuel? Standard 30’range or a wider more commercial looking one?

  7. Is there a particular style sink you want?

  8. Will you have an island or a peninsula?

  9. How is your current lighting situation?

  10. Are you looking to move any doors or windows?

  11. Will we be taking down any walls?

A great resource to search to find design ideas is the design ideas section of houzz.


What can you afford:

This is a super important question and since you are reading this page you are already on the right track.  This is a hard question for people to face.  This isn’t about price or cost. Not yet anyway.  This is about your finances and financial health. Have you been saving for this project? Do you plan on paying for this on credit?  Do you know the value of your home? Have you looked into an equity line? Did you have another type of win fall (bonus, inheritance, lottery, etc.) If finances are not an object, then what are you willing to invest into your home.

Almost everyone we talk to starts off saying, “I do not have a budget, I have no clue what this project is going to cost.”  And almost every time this is not the case.  This is a major investment in one of your most valuable assets. No one starts this process without a number in mind.  No matter what your budget is, there will always be a contractor that will tell you they can do it for that amount.  But as the old adage goes “You’ll get what you pay for.”

So, what does a kitchen remodel really cost?

If you start gathering estimates from contractors you will find pricing that can range from $20,000 to $200,000 for the same project. When you look online, many of the articles and blogs you read don't have accurate dates. One written 10, 5, 2 or sometimes even 1 year ago isn't going to be accurate for today's pricing.  Another factor is your location. Where you live has a huge effect on the price you pay. The cost of living in an area has a direct impact on the labor costs. How are you supposed to compare the quotes apples to apples, when you are being given grapes, apples, oranges and watermelons?   Some contractors estimate only their labor, some guess, some low ball and plan to change order you later on.  The only real way to know what your project is going to cost before you get in over your head is to plan it out beforehand.  First you need a design, then you need need to select all of your fixtures, and finishes. You will need to gather quotes from trusted, reputable, and reliable tradespeople.  You need to manage those vendors and subs during the planning process.  Just this pre-construction project management averages about 40 hours of work on a kitchen remodel.

How we come up with our number for your kitchen remodel:

As we mentioned above, the company averages about 50 jobs per year and has been in business for over 20 years.  At Works by JD, we work with you to plan the entire job prior to any hammers being swung.  We do not provide an estimate, instead we work for you to build the actual budget for your project.  When you contact our North Shore office, you will speak to a Job Specialist.  They will ask you many of the questions above and more. Through this conversation we will gather enough information from you and data from years of experience to give you a ballpark range. We call this the “Target Budget.”   Site unseen.  This number is what we feel you should expect to pay for your completed project.  From start to finish, including all design, planning, materials, and labor.

If your finances and our “Target Budget” align, the specialist will then schedule a site visit to verify what was discussed and sign you up for a Design & Planning Agreement.

Today’s Kitchen Remodel Price Ranges in the Greater Boston Area:

It is Q2 2023 and a full gut, better brand kitchen remodel, with new mid-level appliances, island with quartz countertops will cost you between $90,000 and $125,000 dependent on selections.  Luxury appliance packages, materials, wall removals, pantries etc. can easily push your project above the $150,000 mark.

Every kitchen project is completely different. We provide a target budget based on how we build with the best materials and the highest quality labor.  Works By Jesse DeBenedictis specializes in remodeling people’s forever homes. We back all of our craftsmanship with a 5-year Warranty.

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