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Tips for Masonry Work: Get Inspired for the Spring

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

One of the many great aspects of living in New England is the beauty of the seasons year-round. During the spring and summer seasons, the timeless and classic look of masonry work can take any property to the next level. As the warm weather is the time of year for landscaping, exterior work, and property maintenance, you can think about masonry work in the offseason and make a plan for when spring comes. If you’re considering masonry work on your property, read through this blog for some tips and things to consider. 

The seasons are beautiful, but each one is powerful in its own way. This is why it’s especially important that masonry work in New England is done right. The materials and concrete used for mason work should be durable.

When it rains one day, and it’s hot and humid the next, poor materials will falter. This can create big problems and headaches down the line, issues you can avoid by hiring WORKS and doing it right the first time.

WORKS uses concrete that is appropriate for our New England climate, and we make sure that all work is reinforced to hold up to the test of time. Durability is always at the forefront of our priorities when sourcing materials. We know aesthetic and functionality are both equally as important. The materials we use, not just for masonry work, but for all of our services, are always forested and sourced responsibly.

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When done right, your masonry work can bring your home’s exterior to life with color and integrity. Stone accents, brick walkways, and details about your property will be absolutely stunning in the bright sunshine of the spring and summer seasons. Many homeowners use masonry work around patios, bushes, inground pools, and more.

Masonry work can make elements of your home appear to be multi-dimensional without needing the true support of a stone or brick wall. This adds great detail to your home, and you can even experiment with colors and patterns that resonate with you. Artificial vs. natural stone is always a question you will be faced with, so decide on the look or appeal you’re going for, and implement whichever looks best with your existing architecture.

Jesse De Benedictis

Though it may still be cold outside, now is the time to start planning and thinking about your property, exterior, landscaping, and masonry. Reach out to WORKS by JD for assistance at 978-291-7735.

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