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Responsibilities in the Home to Prepare for Fall

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

As September rolls in, homeowners are always thinking about the projects that need to be done in the home. When it comes to prioritizing your home improvement projects, there are some things you’ll definitely want to get wrapped up before the fall season sets in. 

Fall projects include general yard clean up and organization, lawn care and seeding, check seals and insulation, switch out windows and doors, and tackling breakages and damages.  Let’s dive in to see where you can start.

When was the last time you gave the lawn some love? You probably put in some time in the lawn at the beginning on the summer, but beyond the weekly mow, chances are the lawn has fallen to the wayside. Give the lawn a good clean up with attention to detail to prepare for the fall. Trim shrubs, pull weeds, and patch compromised areas of the lawn with seed and watering. Getting the lawn on point before the cold weather and snowfall will strengthen your grass to keep it safe and protected all winter long. 

You’ll want to assess the home’s exterior before the fall and winter. Check for damages to your home’s siding, shingles, windows and shutters. Be sure doors and windows are sealed properly, so cold or warm air (depending on the season) cannot escape your home. Properly sealed windows and doors can be a matter of the utility bill. Save money by ensuring these aspects of the home are working for you, instead of against you. 

Change out screen windows and doors to prepare for the change in temperature. If you see any major damage to your home’s exterior, be sure to call your construction company to come check things out, and see how the damages can be fixed.

Beyond the exterior of the home, you’ll want to check on your home’s interior and see how things have been holding up. Focus on the attic and the basement, less frequently visited areas of the home. Damage, breakages, and issues in the home will likely present themselves, but trouble in the attic and the basement can sneak up on homeowners because they usually don’t spend too much time in these rooms. This is a good practice for every change in season. 

Bright spring living room

Use this blog as a quick guide to preparing the home for the fall season. There are so many responsibilities we have as homeowners when the seasons change. WORKS by JD is here to help. Don’t go it alone, call us and we can work out a property maintenance plan with you. 

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