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How to Tackle the Misused Space in the Home

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Misused space is common in almost any home. This is a space that is large or aesthetically appealing and could be better or more useful with thought and planning. These spaces become cluttered before you know it. This misused space can become frustrating for homeowners. Though you may have tons of space in the home, you may not be using the space to your advantage. Read this blog to learn how to tackle the misused space in the home.

When tackling this misused space, you have two ways to go. You can start with the short-term, simple fix, and then move to the larger solution over time. Maybe you need a simple fix and that’s good enough in your home. Whichever you may need, try these two options for decluttering, revamping, and best utilizing your home.

Misused space in the home

The Simple Fix

When you want a quick, simple fix for the misused space in the home, start with assessing the main areas, hallways, and entryways. Walk through the house and look at side tables, items against the walls, accent furniture, and open areas. Take note of what furniture/things you use daily, and what seems to just be taking up space. The simple fix would be to declutter all areas of the home that are open and in plain sight.

Start with removing things that lay around, and end up taking up space. Piles of clutter can build up so much that we forget what’s on the bottom of the piles. This may not happen in a day, so give yourself some time, and make a goal to have your entire home decluttered within a certain time period. When this clutter is clear, you can then make a decision for a long-term fix for your misused space.

The Long-Term Fix

For a long-term fix, look into actual rooms and the structure of your home. Do you have empty or misused rooms that could be transformed for better use? Consider your attic or your basement. If you use all of your space for storage, consider using just one room for storage, and make the other rooms into something else you can further enjoy. Take this large, misused space, and consider finishing the area for a guest room, a workout room, a home office or a studio. Plan one day of the year to do a major declutter. Plan this day around or after a holiday, maybe as a tradition every year so you don’t forget. Take this day to declutter hardcore, and rid the home of all unwanted and unused items that take up space.

WORKS by JD Kitchen Remodeling

Whichever you choose, we hope these solutions help you start to tackle your misused space. It can be frustrating having so much clutter in the home, and it can seem like your options are limited. But as soon as you remove the layer of clutter, you’ll see your home in a light you haven’t seen in a while. You will feel more refreshed than ever.

At WORKS, we believe many factors contribute to a strong client relationship and successful project. It is our mission to not only provide you with an end result that exceeds your expectations, but to make sure you are satisfied with our team during the entire process. Contact WORKS by JD at 978-291-7735.

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