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Communication: The Most Important Aspect Of Your Construction Project

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

When homeowners choose to make changes to the home, it’s a big decision that takes time. Whether looking into renovating, remodeling, adding additions, or painting, restoring, or replacing floors, the decision to do so requires planning, budgeting, and sifting through the many details. Homeowners want to be sure their investments will benefit them, and they want to get the absolute most out of their project. The home is a personalized and special space, as the safe haven of the home is most people’s prized possession.

As it comes time for a change, homeowners are always hesitant to jump. This is only natural, as it can be a challenge to find a company to trust and work well with. So, how do we attract and retain our clients? How do we satisfy homeowners throughout some of their most important projects?

Well, we’re glad you asked…

client using buildertrend

We do this through honest and clear communication. When a homeowner reaches out to our construction company, we answer their questions, and we walk them through their concerns to bring them from the recognition to the consideration/research stage. Whether we just met our client for the first time, or we’ve been working with them for years, our communication never falters. WORKS has seen how far clear communication can really go. Satisfaction, clarity, understanding, planning, ease throughout the phases of the project, and overall happy clients all depend on communication.

WORKS has found much success with the use of Buildertrend, a nationally known construction project management program, to bring our clients right into the heart of their projects at any moment. We know that our clients are busy people with many responsibilities, and this app helps them keep in touch with us when they’re at work, on vacation, or can’t be at home.

Our returning clients and client referrals support our clear communication. We’re always working with new clients, and many of these relationships from successful previous relationships. No other construction company demonstrates this level of confidence; no other construction company is this committed to partnering with homeowners. Contact us today at 978-291-7735 about your project.

Our team of construction remodeling contractors are friendly, firm, reasonable and reliable, and believe in always putting relationships first with our clients and industry partners. Whether you are looking to hire a local kitchen remodeling contractor or are in need of a beautifully redesigned bathroom remodel, trust the experts at WORKS by JD!

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