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Choosing the Right Color Paint for a Room in the Home

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

As you’re choosing a paint color for a room in the home, you’ll realize there are thousands of options to choose from. This may seem like an impossible, overwhelming choice, but there are certain steps you can take to help you through the process. Choose a paint color you know you’ll love forever. Read this blog to learn where to start.

Sift Through Your Options

Don’t rush through color pallets. Instead, take all the time you need to look through each color. This color will be permanent for quite some time in your home, so you want to make the best choice for the room. Sift through all paint samples, and start by eliminating the ones you know you don’t like. If you have an idea for color, start there, and explore the numerous shades and darker/lighter hues available.

Start Small

Begin your color experimentation by putting your top three choices on the wall in a small area. See how you enjoy these colors, and see if they’re colors you could get used to. Compare swatches, and leave them up for a few days to see how they sit with you.

Consider the Mood

The mood in each room of the home is different. Bedrooms are relaxing, comfortable areas. Walls in bedrooms can be beige, soothing light blues, and other lighter pastel colors. Living room/dining areas may have more dramatic, stronger shades for entertainment and excitement.

Colors that Agree with the Home

Match your new colors with existing colors. Don’t go with something that’s too different from the rest of the home, yet still switches it up and makes the room stand out.

Light Reflects

Remember that lights reflect off certain colors, and natural light will really bring out the true tone of your walls. Fluorescent lights cast a blue hue, and incandescent lights bring out yellow, warm tones.  

worksbyjd painting 2

Don’t forget that you’ll be adding accessories to the room as well, so your fresh paint will have decorations to match your new look. Which walls of the home are you going to paint? What colors are you interested in? What are you thinking of painting on the walls of the bedrooms and bathrooms?

WORKS Painters know the importance of thorough preparation when embarking on a paint job. We remain engaged throughout the process, from comparing paint samples to ensuring thorough coverage to the final cleanup. Whether it be a historical home on the North Shore or a newly purchased home, WORKS Painting will complete the painting project on time and on budget. Reach out to us to discuss your paint project at (978) 291-7735.

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