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5 Home Renovation Projects to Get Started This Winter 

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Winter can often feel like the off-season for home improvement. The snow and freezing temperatures tend to force projects into hibernation, causing homeowners to delay their renovations until the dawn of spring. 

But the cold weather doesn’t freeze all hope for potential renovators. There are still plenty of simple yet effective projects that you can get done this winter. 

Below are our 5 favorite home renovation projects that you can start and finish before the snow melts. 

Home Improvements to Get Done This Winter

# 1. Update Your Laundry Room 

Admit it. It’s been a while since you’ve updated your laundry room.

The laundry room tends to be the most forgotten room in the house, mostly due to the fact that guests will rarely, if ever, stumble into it.  

In your daily life, though, that old laundry room is crucial to your household functioning. Take this winter to renovate the space and make it a room you actually enjoy being in. You’ll be shocked at the difference it makes in your quality of life.

Renovate your laundry room

#2. Renovate Your Basement

The most compelling reason to renovate your basement in the winter is contractor availability.

Unsurprisingly, contractors are busy in the summer, and not so busy in the winter. Renovating your basement in the winter can shorten the length of time the project would take to complete, and satisfy your need to improve your home in the off-season.

Whether you turn your basement into a room for the kids, an indoor movie theatre, or just a place to kick back, winter is the ideal time to do it. 

A finished basement and bedroom

#3. Kitchen Countertops

If you aren’t hosting for the holidays this year, why not take the time to replace your kitchen countertops?

New countertops can give your kitchen an entirely new feel and can be done on a reasonable budget. Starting this project in the winter will have you excited for company come summer time, and it might even having you whipping up a few more home-cooked meals.

Take advantage of the slow season and turn your kitchen into your favorite room in the house.

Renovate your Kitchen Countertops

#4. Carpeting Jobs

One of the central themes of this article is finding renovations that can be done mostly indoors, and carpeting definitely falls into this category. 

The central benefit of carpeting in the winter is improving the comfort level of your home during the colder months. The coziness factor is an impactful one for a family in the winter time, and a carpet can make all the difference in your home feeling cozy. 

This project is one you probably don’t want to wait on. The sooner you start, the sooner you finish, and as winter approaches, every day counts.

Blue carpeting

#5. Room Remodeling 

Remodeling a room in your home isn’t necessarily winter-specific, but it’s a project that can certainly be tackled in the winter time. 

As you’re trapped inside, seeking shelter from the elements, you’ve probably started to think of a few ideas on how to best utilize that spare room, or on changing the layout of your children’s bedroom. 

Naturally, the size and scope of the remodel will be dependent on your budget. Whether you have the remodel mapped out in your mind, or if you’re bringing in contractors to consult with, winter can be a great time to get started.

Rennovate your room

Let’s Get Started

The winter can be a surprisingly perfect time to knock out those renovations around the house. 

Our advice? Pick an idea, and get started. The earlier you start the project, the less likely you’ll be to run into any major weather delays or stoppages. 

Don’t wait for the warm weather. Take advantage of contractor availability and start your next renovation this winter. 

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