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Your General Contractor on The North Shore of Boston

For most homeowners, the biggest drama in undertaking a new addition or renovation is selecting the specialists to perform the work: electrician, plumber, drywaller, painter—the list is endless. Getting recommendations you trust, meeting with the individual professionals, scheduling everyone and keeping track of the project is

That’s when WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis enters, stage right. As general contractor for your project, we take over all those responsibilities. We know and have worked countless jobs with the best construction professionals around. What our own team can’t handle (and there’s very little that they can’t handle!), we can quickly delegate to specialists who meet our own high standards for personal work, reliable work and team work.

Over the years, we have also partnered as general contractor with many architects and designers; we understand the creative process—having often provided designs ourselves—and respect their decisions. Our goal as general contractor is to help them deliver your vision.

Our clients return to us whenever they have a new project or are ready for the next stage in a long project, because they trust not only the WORKS team but the people we choose to partner with.

If you haven’t used a general contractor before, let us show you why our clients have so much loyalty to WORKS by JD. We are excited to hear about your upcoming project and discuss how we can help get it started, keep it on track and help ensure it comes in on time and on budget.

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