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WORKS Transforms Basement Into Playroom

This project to turn a basic basement into a comfortable playroom went smoothly for three reasons:

  1. The clients knew what they wanted and chose their flooring, paint color, toilet, sink, and appliances beforehand. They made their decisions in the calm before the project started.

  2. Because WORKS partners with subcontractors that we know well from previous projects, we were able to prepare the bathroom for the plumber without any glitches and we knew the plumber would perform to our high standards.

  3. Because every member of the WORKS team is a skilled professional, we handled mold repair, preparation, floor installation, and painting ourselves, making for an efficient and highly coordinated project.

In the basement’s main room, the clients wanted a floating floor which we had to wrap around the basement supports. As you can see from the before and after pictures, in the this project, the WORKS team showed its expertise in several ways: installing the new floor and ceiling tile and painting the entire room and baseboards.

The ability to plan ahead, expedite a project through teamwork, and deliver professional results: that’s the prescription for success projects that WORKS fulfills every time.

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