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WORKS Takes a Kitchen From “Oh NO” to “Oh WOW!”

1880s Colonial in Beverly, Massachusetts. The homeowners worked with an architect to come up with several plans, and they chose WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis to bring those plans to reality. Today I want to focus on one of the results: a completely rebuilt and renovated kitchen.

We started with a detailed site walk at the Beverly location. We always want to see exactly where we’ll be working and how the site fits in with the homeowner’s renovation vision. We made suggestions to ensure the project was cost-effective and efficient as well as eye-popping beautiful and functional. The kitchen renovation was just one part of that overall plan to revitalize the entire home.

o: a dark, dated, uncomfortable kitchen with the refrigerator shoved off in a corner and a pass-through that made no sense at all. The flooring and wallpaper showed their age in both style and quality.

The second (top right) and third (bottom right) photos show the kitchen very near completion in September. The WORKS by JD team handled everything during this kitchen renovation in Beverly—and when I say “everything,” that’s exactly what I mean. Here’s a small list of what we did:

  1. Built support walls in the kitchen to carry new bathroom on second floor

  2. Built the kitchen “bump out” to create a more functional space

  3. Stripped wall paper and prepped the walls for painting

  4. Painted

  5. Laid and waxed the floors

  6. Installed the custom cabinets and countertops

  7. Adjusted drawers

  8. Installed toe kicks

  9. Installed microwave

  10. Installed the new window and window trim

  11. Removed and re-installed the faucet so that we could put up the backsplash

  12. Even fixed the lockset on the side door.

When you hire WORKS by JD, you hire a team that is dedicated to seeing your project from start to finish, from top to bottom, and from the smallest detail to the overall effect. You also get access to our favorite plumbing and electrical teams, with their proven reliability and high standards.

A total renovation of your home may be in the future—or on your architect’s drawing board right now. Either way, WORKS by JD will be proud to be a member of your team. Contact us today.

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