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WORKS Shares the Latest News from Kohler

The Kohler Company, best known for plumbing products, is over 140 years old—but on a recent invitation-only trip to Wisconsin, Jesse DeBenedictis found out just how cutting edge this company is. Jesse took on “The Kohler Experience” with 90 other representatives of the building trades. He reports, “We visited the Kohler showroom and factory which opened up my understanding of what is available from Kohler, including fixtures, cabinetry, mirrors, parts, and services, giving WORKS a whole new set of options for serving our customers.” For example, Kohler is one of the few companies still offering cast iron tubs and showers. Cast iron retains heat better, is easier to clean, and is more solid than other materials. In fact, Kohler’s casting ability is so respected that they provide products for automobiles and trains as well. The most modern high-tech features are also built into Kohler’s products. They have a digital shower that can be separately programmed for each user’s preferences. Programming for radio, lighting system, steam unit, body spray, and other features create a spa-like experience right in the home. Among the trends that Kohler is addressing right now are darker colors, titanium finishes, and shower walls that look like tile but are easier to clean and less costly. “One of the things that impressed me most about Kohler as a company,” says Jesse, “is how everyone works together to make their products the best in the world. They take personal pride in the products and it shows. Kohler stands by their products, and with that business culture it’s not surprising that they’ve enjoyed over a century of success.” WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis is dedicated to providing customers with that same blend of pride, tradition, and forward-thinking, always looking to provide the most cost-effective, beautiful, and structurally sound solutions for homeowners throughout the North Shore of Boston. Now we can add The Kohler Experience to our renovation and construction toolbox.

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