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WORKS Renovates Porches

  1. Removed the front stairs and cut and install new skirts and risers.

  2. Installed new fir decking on the treads and front porch.

  3. Replaced the posts and re-nail the baluster on the stair railings.

  4. Repaired rot in the roof above the front entrance.

  5. Replaced rotted window trim and sills on nearby windows.

  6. Replaced the door.

The photo shows the joists that the WORKS team put in place to support the porch roof while we replaced the posts and dealt with the wood rot. With our experience, we know exactly how many supports we’ll need to prop up a porch and exactly how far apart to place them—all measurements that are important to get right.

Now that the porch is finished, a weekly sweeping will help keep the porch free of damaging dirt in the summer; snow should be shoveled off in the winter to reduce the chances of wood rot. However, weather will inevitably attack a porch, and the homeowners should consider resealing in about 5 to 7 years, depending on condition. Mold and mildew can be treated whenever they occur with a 1:4 bleach/water solution. In general, porch roofs tend to wear out faster than the main roof, because UV rays are not only coming from the sun but being bounced off the wall above the roof. It’s wise to keep an eye out for damage.

Despite this need for vigilance, there is something very welcoming about a porch, not to mention the benefits of coverage when you come home in North Shore weather with an armload of groceries! WORKS not only renovates porches but built them onto homes without, adding grace, space, and protective covering. Contact us today for a makeover or brand new porch for your home.

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