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WORKS Professionals Make Interior Painting Look Easy

Updated: Aug 22

There is no set time when you need to repaint your home’s interior, but a professional paint job, which includes full preparation and two coats of paint, should last ten years. You will know it is time to paint when the walls look scuffed or dingy, when they no longer fit your style or when the colors are clearly dated.

Why would you want a professional team to paint the interior of your house? When WORKS takes on interior painting, the homeowners can rest assured that:

  1. Underlying problems are detected and fixed. You should never paint over cracking or peeling as these are signs of an underlying problem (such as water damage) that should be addressed.

  2. Preparation is thorough, from spackling and calking to sanding and priming.

  3. The right tools are used, including the right brushes, drop cloths, ladders and repair materials.

  4. The steps that require meticulous care—for example, painting a straight edge around a door or between the wall and ceiling—are truly completed with meticulous care.

  5. Everything is scheduled and calculated in advance, so there are no last minute panics when the paint runs out or trim is painted the wrong color in the wrong room.

  6. Clean up is thorough.

Recently, the WORKS team prepared (scraped, sanded and primed) the entire interior for a home with very high peaked ceilings; molding, baseboards and trim; and round windows, all creating edges that required careful attention. In addition, some of the rooms contained woodwork with knots that had to be primed with oil.

First, we prepared and painted walls and ceilings in the front entry, stairway, living room, upstairs hall, bedrooms and bathrooms. Then we moved on to the home office and kitchen. In both of those rooms we moved furniture in and out. We also cleaned the ceiling fans in the kitchen; removed the back splashes, cleaned off the old silicone and replaced them; replaced light bulbs; and lubricated the skylight—WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis pays attention to all the details!

Our final tasks were to spray paint 6 louvered doors, sand and stain the stair handrails, reinstall and adjust the doors, replace hardware and then thoroughly clean up the jobsite.

Are you ready to paint the interior of your house? Contact the professional interior painters at WORKS.

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