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WORKS by JD Prepares Home to Sell for Top-dollar

Updated: Aug 23

As comfortable as you’ve been in your home, you may find that it needs updating and repairs to bring you top dollar when you’re ready to sell it. In fact, some homeowners pay for a home inspection before they put their home on the market so that they can take care of problems before negotiations start.

WORKS by JD recently helped the homeowners of a 1915 carriage house in Essex, Massachusetts prepare for the sale of their home. We began by looking for rot, insect damage, and mold. We found mold in a closet, which was easily treated. But rot and insect damage in the crawl space under the house meant we had to replace some supports.

While working in the crawl space, we found a live circuit. We traced it and discovered it wasn’t necessary, so we removed it. Live circuits that go nowhere are a fire hazard. At the homeowners’ request, we removed a non-functioning window in the crawl space and closed the hole with a masonry block. We filled in the window well with pea stone.

Roof repairs were also needed. 

Because WORKS by JD is a general contractor, our team is prepared for any repair or renovation: we cleaned gutters, repaired gutter brackets and caulked where needed. While up on the roof, the WORKS by JD team noticed that some windows also needed caulking; with the staging already up, we handled that task, too.

We inspected the chimney and found rot in the fascia, which we replaced. We also installed a ridge vent with ridge cap. Ridge vents help keep the attic cool and dry, allowing warm, damp air to escape. They prolong the life of a roof as well as increasing energy efficiency.

As we were winding up our tasks, the homeowners asked as us to evaluate a moisture problem in the half bath. We found a toilet leak, called in a plumber to repair it, and then patched the drywall in the half-bath as well as the ceiling directly under the toilet downstairs.

When I say that WORKS by JD takes care of your home from basement to roof and everything between, I truly mean it. If you are preparing to sell your home and want top dollar, the time to make repairs is before prospective buyers start chipping away at your price because of all the jobs turned up by their home inspection. You need a general contractor who understands that today’s repairs and renovations mean a top dollar sale tomorrow.

Contact us today and we’ll help your house show off its true value.

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