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WORKS Helped Create 6 Apartments by Putting New Windows and Doors

Updated: Aug 17

As with most of our renovations, the first step was to get copies of all the permits; then my team and I began the real work. We helped with delivery and temporary on-site storage of the windows, sliders, and Euro-Walls (folding door systems that extend to the entire wall). Some of these items had to be craned up to each balcony over a few days to reach the apartments on higher floors.

In each apartment, we carefully protected the floors and set up dust protection. We removed the old windows and sliders; calked, shimmed, and spray foamed insulated where needed; and installed the new windows. Where adjustments were needed, we made them—we wanted the new folding doors and windows to work perfectly. Whenever we install new windows and doors, we measure everything. The

slightest change to the width of a jam or trim or the height and width of a new window, door, or slider means a lifetime to irritation when windows stick, doors warp, or sliders refuse to fully close.

As a general contractor, I’ve worked on many jobs, leading my team from the permitting stage through completion, but I have to give them special kudos for this effort: six apartments opened up to the beauties of Boston, Massachusetts.

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