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WORKS Fixes Water Damage By Installing Flashing the Right Way

When water creeps between the ledger and the wall, the siding, sheathing and framing begin to rot from water damage. One of the problems with decks built with treated lumber is that some types of flashing (aluminum in particular) will degrade from contact with the wood preservatives. The owners of a 1990s, two-story home in Rowley, Massachusetts, knew they had a problem when they saw water inside their house.

The concrete pad that the steps rested on was also out of level. We dug it out, leveled it off and cut some of it back to ensure the new installation would be completely plumb. Then we built a new back deck and stairs, cutting and installing rails, balusters, top railing and door kicker (see photo bottom right).

If you see water pooling inside your house, please WORKS by JD. Whether the problem originates outside or in, we’ll find the source and fix it. Then we’ll restore your home to a structurally sound condition. As a professional building contractor, I have put together a team who can deal with anything from a leaky pipe to an improperly installed deck. Let me know how we can help you.

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