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WORKS Creates Handicapped Accessible Bathroom

Updated: Aug 22

The new bathroom is not only handicapped accessible, but also modern and attractive, which is especially appealing to homeowners who want to age in place or accommodate physical disabilities without sacrificing their life-long sense of style.

On the top left is a photo of the bathroom before WORKS started; on the top right is a photo of what we delivered. As the photos show, the accessible bathroom eliminates any barrier to entering the shower and provides plenty of space for manipulating a wheelchair or other assistive device.

Here are some of the tasks that the WORKS team accomplished to create a bathroom that finally matched the homeowner’s expectations and needs:

  1. Patched the wall where the washer and dryer used to be to cover the old vents.

  2. Replaced the old, worn tiles with fresh, modern tiles that gave the entire room a lift.

  3. Added trim and replaced the trim around the old washer/dryer area to unify the room.

  4. Painted the trim and walls.

  5. Installed new fixtures, including an updated countertop and faucet for the existing sink cabinet.

  6. Installed grab bars and show rod in the new shower.

  7. Touched up the paint after the plumber finished working.

As specialists in kitchen and bathroom renovations, WORKS is ready to help homeowners create the rooms they need now and in the future, to keep their homes comfortable, accessible, and functional for years to come. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your renovation.

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