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WORKS Builds and Addition For An 1880 Home

Some of the Tasks Required in Building an Addition

Building an addition is more than a matter of building a framework, floors, and ceilings. In this case, we had to cut access panels for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) duct work. We had to install insulation and work closely with electricians and plumbers.

In framing the walls we had to leave room for pocket doors. We had to integrate the addition with the outside of the house, with the appropriate fascia and soffits. The roofing materials and outside paint had to match the rest of the house.

The new upstairs bathroom that became possible with the addition had to be properly vented, and the shower properly waterproofed to prevent damage to the floors below. Downstairs, we installed crown molding to fit with the other interiors of the home.

Reasons for Building an Addition

Homeowners have additions built to their homes for many reasons associated with the need for more space or more useful space. For example, you yourself might want to:

  1. Avoid moving with its hassles.

  2. Remain in a beloved home.

  3. Accommodate a change in lifestyle—more entertaining, larger household, more hobbies, more income to fulfill a wish list.

  4. Be kind to your budget, which may not extend to a larger home in your neighborhood but will cover an addition.

  5. Take advantage of economies of scale in building a two-story addition like the one in Beverly: if you are already adding a room below, adding a room above is far less costly.

Whatever your reasons, WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis has expert builders, cabinet makers, flooring installers, painters—and advice based on decades of construction experience—to ensure that your addition project is a success from concept, through teardown and buildup, to the day you move in with your possessions.

Please contact us to talk about and schedule your addition.

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