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WORKS Brings Guest Bath Into 21st Century

Updated: Aug 22

  1. Small work spaces

  2. Slanted ceilings or walls that meet at odd angles

  3. Minimum natural light

  4. Mandated clearances for the shower and the toilet

  5. A feeling of claustrophobia

  6. No available space for expansion

The WORKS team was invited into a beautiful home in Manchester-by-the-Sea to renovate the guest bath, the third bathroom in the house. The room was original to this 1980s contemporary home.

Our work began at the very threshold, which we replaced. We milled, shimmed, shellacked, and installed the new threshold, along with the rest of the baseboard trim. The trim around the shower was particularly tricky because of the shower’s curve (see photo). We assembled and hung a new shower door. We installed a new countertop for the bathroom sink.

Then it was time to upgrade the plaster walls and the sloping ceiling with new paint. We fixed any imperfections first; in fact, we brought in a halogen light to make sure that we located and repaired all the small bumps and cracks that any wall is subject to over time. Then we primed and painted.

The right choices in bathroom fixtures, vanities, flooring, wall coverings, and doors help to resolve the special problems of small guest bathrooms. Today, homeowners can choose wall-mounted sinks, very small showers, glass panels instead of shower doors, handsome pocket doors into the bathroom instead of swinging doors, rounded fixtures, and a variety of floor and wall coverings that expand both the reality and the illusion of space.

Please contact WORKS and consult with our professional bathroom renovators for solutions that will bring a sense of luxury and space to your small or overlooked guest bathroom.

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