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Works Addresses Church Renovation

We gutted and rebuilt the bathrooms from the walls out. Our renovations included fire blocking, new paint, fixtures, and grab bars to help in making the bathrooms handicapped accessible. We supervised electrical and plumbing work. We fixed the duct work by cleaning out weeds and improving the sealing. We installed new subfloors, flooring, and baseboards. We created much needed space and improved access by replacing the swinging door; we built a frame for a pocket door and installed the door.

WORKS has not only successfully completed this church renovation, but has also renovated police stations, libraries, and other community buildings to ensure they remain structurally sound, compliant with building codes, and comfortable. Maintenance of these buildings is often hampered by tight budgets and schedules—the buildings must remain in use even while repairs are taking place.

That’s why the experience of the WORKS team is so important. We know how to finish projects efficiently, with the minimum possible disruption, and with the goal of providing lasting repairs and renovations—to reduce the strain on the budget for years to come. Contact us and let’s talk about your project.

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