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Why WORKS Handcrafts Beautiful Storage for North Shore Homeowners

Your storage dilemma is probably different and may center on your garage, office, basement, mudroom, kitchen, or bath. That’s why one-size-fits-all store-bought storage solutions rarely actually solve the problem of limited or inaccessible storage. You end up with too much space for some items and too little for others, and with an appearance that doesn’t match the rest of the room or your own sense of style.

WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis handcrafts storage for homeowners throughout the North Shore. We base our craftsmanship in our understanding of and respect for materials and how they affect the entire ambience of a room and a home. We find accessible space in unlikely spots that don’t conform to “standard” measurements; for example, between walls or overhead or in the corner of a hallway. We understand that the definition of “accessible” is different for a six-foot homeowner and a five-foot homeowner.

Usable, attractive storage requires attention to materials, space, accessibility, safety, and budget. At WORKS by JD, we pay attention to all that as well as the homeowner’s overall style. You might say that, in every job, we walk in our client’s shoes—and I guess I have the shoes to prove it!

Contact us today so that we can start solving your storage problems.

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