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What’s Your Idea of a Great Mudroom?

When WORKS by JD takes on a mudroom build or renovation, we pay attention to your family’s life patterns and hobbies which will determine location, materials, and furnishings. Where do you usually enter your home? What are your indoor travel patterns? Does your family enjoy a vigorous outdoor life, requiring storage for skis or hiking supplies, or sports equipment?

Even if your mudroom is constrained in size, the experts at WORKS by JD are pros at getting the maximum benefit from even a small space. We’ll help you find opportunities for spatial usage. For example, we can recess shelves into walls or build a bench that doubles as storage! Or perhaps we can utilize shallow cupboards, wall and ceiling hooks, or shelving that is high on the walls to help keep things in order. You’ll be delighted by how we can fit a whole lot into a small space.

If you have the room, consider adding a potting table, washer and dryer, recycling center, or another work area to your mudroom to make it even more efficient. This room can also work as a buffer to help insulate your home or bring in lots of light–a real win during cold winter months.

No matter how you enter your home, we want you to feel like you can set down the burdens of the day and finally rest, enjoying your people and your places!

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