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Top 5 Materials Around the Home to Repurpose

Whether you’re looking to repurpose materials for functionality or for decor, there are so many available resources around the home. Homeowners are constantly recycling materials, but don’t often think to the strategic ways they could be repurposing these materials throughout the home. Repurposing is the cornerstone of sustainability.

If being green is important to you, or if being creative, organized, and frugal is something you’re already good at, read this blog to learn more. We’ve mapped out the some of the top easiest materials to repurpose. 

Old Wood Materials

Old wood in the home may be in the form of pallets, chairs, old dressers and bookshelves. This is wood that’s either not being used in the home, or still constructed in another form and sitting taking up space in storage.

You can deconstruct old wood to break pieces down and make them into something new. Consider a brand new piece of furniture, wooden bench, or side table in the home.

These are things you don’t have to shop for, and if you have a little extra time on your hands, you can start a project and do it yourself.

Plastic Materials

Plastic will be lying around the home in forms of PVC pipes, old plastic bins, old Tupperware, unused containers, and plastic bottles.

When you reshape plastic or repurpose old containers, you find a brand new way to be sustainable. Reuse plastic bottles and containers for storage in the garage, basement, or attic. Utilize old PVC pipes outdoors, in the garden, and around the yard. Make cool arts and crafts out of old plastic to get creative and fabricate something interesting! 

Fabric Materials

With unused fabrics around the home, cut and sew together for a whole new project. Make new curtains for the bathrooms and bedrooms. Make hand cloths and face clothes to reuse instead of using disposable sponges. Take old clothes and make them into new pillows, blankets, and quilts. A fun project can be taking old t-shirts and making them into blankets! This is a great way to create a memorable item, and doesn’t put wear and tear on your old clothes that you want to save and keep forever. 

Glass Materials

If you’re super creative, take your old glasses, vases, and mason jars to repurpose. Fill old vases with sea glass from the beach, rocks from the places you’ve visited, and make awesome new decorations for the home.

Glass decor can be absolutely stunning when made right. For functionality, use old glasses, mason jars, and other glass containers as soap dispensers, holders for products around the home, candle holders, and other cool and unique gadgets. 

We hope you find some inspiration with our tips on materials to repurpose. Think outside the box, and really think about the clutter you have in the home. Maybe your clutter and trash is not indeed trash or clutter, but a new opportunity and project waiting for you.

Think about the endless materials you have around the home, and how much money you would save while also feeling a burst of refreshing energy and productivity from completing these projects. If you have any questions for us, reach out to WORKS by JD today. 

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