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Tips For Spring Lawn Improvement & Garden Maintenance

How much do you love the look of a fresh and well-manicured lawn?

During the summer, your grass, your lawn, and your gardens are everything. They are important and attractive elements that can allow your property to flourish in appearance. When preparing for the sunshine during spring and summer, there are a few tips you can keep in mind when it comes to gardening and lawn improvement.

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Weeding Gardens, Lawns, and Driveways

Weeding the lawn and the garden can seem meticulous, but it’s one of the most helpful and necessary steps to preparing a bright and healthy home exterior. Be sure you pull weeds from their roots, as this eliminates the likelihood of these weeds sprouting again. You will find that there will be weeds growing through stones, through the cracks in the driveway, and maybe even through the stepstone walkways throughout the yard.

Remove all old, dead plants. Clear out gardens and beds from sticks and past winter debris. When you’ve finished pulling weeds, look into different fertilizers available that are safe for your lawn and garden.

Lawn Care & Planting Grass Seed

When you want to improve the look of your lawn, consider planting grass seed. When your new grass sprouts, it will be greener and fuller than it used to be. Planting grass seed is a great way to get a healthier look to your property without all the meticulous work. There are many easy tools you can use to place lawn seed down on the ground. Most of them come on wheels and include a seed dispenser with simple functionality.

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Fresh Mulch In Gardens

Mulch not only allows a sturdy bed for your plantings to set their roots, but it also gives your home’s exterior a fresh, crisp appeal. Fresh mulch smells nice, looks appealing with the deep dark brown color, and brings your property to life during the spring and summer. Landscaping can be a great way to get your bushes, shrubs, and plants looking beautiful.

Installing Irrigation Systems

When you have everything in place for a good growing season, you can consider irrigation systems for lawns and gardens. Having your irrigation system on a timer takes some of the stress away from the time and work it takes to keep your yard watered and looking healthy. Allow your lawn sprinklers to turn on at night, mist in the morning, or whatever works best for you.

No matter which of these tips you decide to follow, you’ll be satisfied with the results of putting time into your lawn and garden. These are just a few simple, rudimentary steps that can go a long way when it comes to lawns and gardens. What do you plant in your garden each season? What are you excited about this spring and summer?

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