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The WORKS Ultimate Guide To Spring Cleaning

Every homeowner is concerned with spring cleaning as the season approaches, and everyone has a different idea of spring cleaning. No matter what level of spring cleaning you’re used to, you can base this year’s cleaning off our checklist. Instead of frantically tackling projects and forgetting to finish them, our checklist will help you stay organized this time around. We broke things down by each room/area in the home for you to follow for ease and efficiency. Go through each step on the list, or simply pick and choose which areas of the home you want to focus on.

Work From Top To Bottom, Room By Room

WORKS Spring Cleaning Tips & Home Improvement in Beverly, MA

To begin your spring cleaning, remember to start from the ceilings and end with the floors.

  1. Clean walls and ceilings for dust and cobwebs. Don’t’ forget to hit tops of Surfaces Tackle ceiling fans Tops of the doors and door frames Window frames and mantels Tops of cabinets Top of fridge

Don’t forget to declutter and organize your space as you go.


When it comes to the kitchen, we know you’ll have a whole slew of things floating around. From leftovers to bills and mail, we understand the organization is the key to beginning spring cleaning in the kitchen.

  1. Sort all papers that are on the countertop and the dining room table. Set aside space in the kitchen for papers, letters, notices, and mail. When the items in the cabinet are stored properly, organized, and even labeled if you wish

Nitty Gritty

  1. Start with dusting and cleaning Wipe down countertops Remove countertop items and appliances to clean them and clean behind Use bleach to kill germs and other safe home cleansers Be sure food is stored and protected in cabinets

The Living Room

Home Improvement with WORKS property maintenance services near Beverly, MA

Dust everywhere. You never realize how much dust sits atop your surfaces until… Spring cleaning!

  1. Hit photos, mantle, behind TV Stand, under couches and chairs with the duster Vacuum rugs and put throws in the wash Shampoo rugs and couches if need be Protect wood floors with natural protectants and conditioner cleaners

The Bathrooms

The bathroom can be one of the toughest places to clean with all of its nooks and crannies. We suggest bleaching everything so you know your bathroom is as clean as a whistle. Be sure to get the bathroom from top to bottom for complete success.

  1. Organize your toiletries in storage and in cabinets Wash towels & replace bathmats Switch out the shower curtain and liner Wash shower doors, sides of the tub, and scrub the shower floor thoroughly Sanitize the sink, toilet, and floors with an all-purpose cleaner or bathroom cleaner of your choice

Family Bedrooms

Clean House with tips from WORKS by JD near Beverly, MA

When cleaning the family bedroom, you’ll want to focus on decluttering, junk removal, and organization along with your deep cleaning.

  1. Clean out closets in the way back and on shelves Remove junk from under the bed and clutter in the bedroom Dust every surface Change window curtains, iron or steam Wash blankets, sheets, and pillowcases on the bed

Floors, Walkthrough Areas, and Hallways

Your walkthrough areas of the home receive the most traffic and the least average cleaning attention. Now is the perfect time of year to go for these deep cleaning projects.

  1. Dust mantles Sweep in the small cracks and places we never usually get to. Look into deep cleaning and deep conditioning treatments for wood floors and carpets

Spring cleaning is about going deeper than the surface level cleaning. It’s more than the cleaning we do daily or weekly. When you’re in the thick of it, remember to stay organized as you progress through the list, and take the time necessary to do a good job. You will enjoy the aroma and the appearance of your freshly cleaned home when you’ve completed your spring cleaning.

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