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The Circle of Home Design: Retro Styles that are Back in

Retro Styles that are Back in. Throughout history, styles and trends seem to get recycled every few decades. While it may feel like a fad has come and gone, it’s relatively common place to see that trend pop up again in the future.

The home improvement industry is no exception when it comes to the “what’s old is new again” trend. While people are constantly innovating in regards to their homes, it’s often the case that styles and designs that feel new are actually drawing heavily upon ideas and trends that used to be commonplace. Here are a few retro-styles and trends that have made a comeback in the 21st century.

Light bulbs hanging from a ceiling

This is one of the more obvious retro styles that have come full circle. You’ll find the word “vintage,” all over retail stores from California to New England. This may possibly be the result of social media sites and idea boards, like Pinterest and Tumblr, breathing new life into old ideas. For homeowners, the impact of this trend can mostly be found hanging on their walls.

Vintage wall art, whether it’s framed posters of classic films or other old-fashioned design pieces, can help to build a distinct aesthetic in a home. Analog clocks, rustic globes, and even vinyl record players are used as decoration throughout houses in the year 2020.

What was old is new again, and it’s making for some pretty stylish homes.

A vinyl Record player

Vintage Furniture

Furniture trends are interesting because while the furniture itself doesn’t always change, it’s styles and usages seem to be constantly evolving.

One good example of this is wooden desks and tables. While wood never really went out of fashion, it’s a style that can be dated back to, well, ancient times. While tables made of other materials have had their day (metal, glass), wood yet again is back in fashion in stylish homes around the world.

This trend certainly extends beyond tables as counters, cabinets and more seem to be following the same pattern.

An Orange Chair

Interior Color Schemes

Interior color schemes make up much of the personality in a home. Each decade, in fact, carries with it a certain color scheme in the minds of many.

While homeowners were once focused on making sure their home doesn’t look like it’s stuck in another decade, it seems now that having a home inspired heavily by the 50s, 60s, or 70s is all the rage.

A general breakdown of interior paint colors through the decades is as followed:

1950s: Light Blue, White and, Black 1960s & 70s: Bright Green, Gold, and Orange 1980s & 90s: Deep Purple, Black, and Blue.

While it might be uncommon to find a home that’s completely following the interior design guidelines of another decade, their influence can be found in homes everywhere.

If you’re worried a favorite trend of yours might be going out of style, don’t be. It’s more likely than not that whatever style you are passionate about will one day reappear. Just look at the examples in this blog for proof.

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