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The 5 Most Common Home Improvements

Here are 5 of the most common home-improvement projects that seem to withstand the test of time.

Homeowners are constantly looking for ways to improve their homes. And while trends and fashion fads influence the types of projects people choose, some home improvements never go out of style.

#5. Bathroom Remodeling

Just over 3 million homeowners report undergoing a bathroom remodel in the last year. While the scale of these projects vary, the minimum amount spent to be considered a remodel is $15,000.

These remodeling projects go a long way towards increasing the value of a home, but some argue that upscale bathroom remodels ultimately aren’t worth the cost.

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A tropical themed bathroom

Roofing projects, typically roof replacements, are one of the most common exterior house renovation projects.

A sign of the commonality of these projects is that the roofing products industry is scheduled to grow by 4% in the upcoming year. These replacements are even more common in cold weather regions of the county.

Multiple roofs

#3. Kitchen Renovation

The third most common home-improvement project is also one of the most impactful renovations for home owners.

Not only will a kitchen renovation increase the value of your home, but it can also greatly improve your quality of life.

These projects are certainly among the most common for us at Works by JD.

#2. Windows and Doors

Clocking in at number 2, window and door replacements are reportedly part of roughly 3 million projects per year in the United States.

A major reason these projects are so common is their affordability. As homeowners seek ways to improve their homes on a budget, window and door replacements are usually the first, and most logical, choice.

These projects are particularly common in New England, where the cold weather months can be especially harsh.

Windows with a view

A whopping 5 million homeowners have reported undergoing a flooring or ceiling replacement project in the last year.

These projects include replacing floors, flooring panels, carpets, or ceilings. One of the main reasons homeowners so often replace their floors and ceilings is, quite simply, because they’re dirty. These projects can also help improve home value, especially when replacing or adding hardwood floors. In fact, Homelight reports that  87% of of home buyers  improve hardwood floors.

Floors and roofs

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