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Spring Home Renovation Projects

With the beginning of spring comes a variety of opportunities for homeowners. With the snow melted and the temperature steadily on the rise, the home renovations that homeowners have been fantasizing about can now be planned, scheduled, and executed. Early winter is the perfect time to plan for spring home renovation project start dates.

If you’re eager to improve your home this spring, then you’ll probably want to get started sooner rather than later. Contractor availability tends to become more and more scarce as you move towards the summer, so here are a number of home renovation projects you can start in early spring.

Renovate your Bathroom

A high quality, custom bathroom renovation can make a massive impact on the life of any homeowner. A bathroom is a place to relax, reflect, and destress. The positive benefits of taking a warm, calming bath can be amplified if the space is custom built to the homeowners preference.

If you get started on one of these renovations in early spring, you can be lounging in your bath with the windows open in summer time. Create your perfect getaway by maximizing the space in your bathroom.

Vessel sink image

Create a Custom & Modern Kitchen

The right kitchen can help you really soak in the summertime. By renovating your kitchen, you’ll be able to customize exactly how much sunlight your kitchen allows, the flow of the space, and even storage potential. Window, cabinet, and countertop selections will be among the most important decisions you have to make in the process.

By renovating your kitchen in early spring, you’ll be ready to host parties and gatherings all throughout the summer. Whether the events are indoors or outdoors, a nice kitchen will help your entire home breathe.

Modern Cabinets Cabinets are a great low cost home improvement

Repave Your Driveway

All winter long your driveway has been taking a beating. From the harsh weather conditions of snow, sleet, and hail, to snow plows and the salt used to keep cars from sliding off the road, the winter is a particularly tough time on driveways.

Take advantage of the warm weather in the spring by repaving your driveway. The wear and tear of the pavement can cause problems for both cars and people, not to mention the eye-sore a driveway can present.

Driveway leading to a red house

Spring is when hibernating home renovation projects can finally come out of hiding. Contact the professionals at Works by JD today to get your spring home renovation project on the move.

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