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Spring Exterior Paint

A common way homeowners like to welcome Spring is with a home exterior paint job. When you update the colors of your home’s exterior, it’s as if you give your property a makeover. New, fresh color represents themes similar to spring awakenings. When Spring sets in, even though you may not have done much differently this year, fresh paint will make your home appear as if you did.

Changing the Appearance of the Home

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Changing the appearance of your home as the season’s change is a great way to be expressive and creative while keeping your home looking like new. When you’re waking your property back up for the spring, you’ll want something new each year that transforms your home as the season. There are so many elements of the home’s exterior in which you can refresh with color.

Painting the Full Home Exterior

If you’re ready for a whole new appeal, consider painting the full home exterior a brand new color. Consider how you would enjoy your home if it were Airy Blue, Warm Taupe, or a Potter’s Clay Beige. A new color on your entire home can give you the new look you desire.

exterior paint by WORKS

Updates to Exterior Accents

For the homeowners who aren’t looking for a full home exterior paint job, consider updating accents and adding a splash of color here and there. Instead of keeping your home one color or two, increase to tritones, or switch up your color schemes altogether.

Painting Accents

Many accents of the home can be painted. Look to your window trim, corner posts, pillars, poles, or columns to paint with new color. Will you choose a classic black, white, and spring red combination? Or will you go with a green, Mediterranean blue, and soft yellow look? When it comes to painting, the possibilities are endless.

updates to accents

Exterior Paint Touch-Ups 

As you’re getting creative with your exterior paint job, you’ll notice some elements of the home that may really need a touch-up. Spring is a great time to have WORKS Painting Professionals come and touch up those spots with paint, and maintenance if necessary. This includes railings, decks, framing, and other places that receive traffic or constant wear and tear.

Paint the Front Door

painting services by WORKS

Set a new tone for your home’s exterior by painting your door with a fresh coat of paint. Try something new, something multi-seasonal, or something bold to make a statement. Painting the front door can give you the perfect pop of color, and the perfect amount of change you’re looking for this season.

Transform Space

Transform any space, any room, or any part of your home’s exterior with paint. We hope this blog gives you some inspiration with color for this season. Remember, if you’re having trouble choosing colors, our paint professionals can give you some beautiful options and guidance. Your home will appear modern and new when WORKS comes and helps you this spring. When was the last time your home received a fresh coat of paint? Reach out to WORKS by JD at (978) 291-7601.

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