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Spring 2019 Home Color Pallet: What’s Trending This Season?

When spring comes alive, colors trend each season that homeowners love each year. When we study the trending Pantone colors of each season, we predict what will be trending. We can decide what we really like, and what doesn’t work for us. There’s always so much out there each season, some homeowners get overwhelmed and don’t know how they could possibly decide on colors.

From March to May is the perfect time of year to get your home’s interior on point. As many families are preparing the exterior of the home and the yard for warm outdoor weather, you’ll want the inside of the home to match the beautiful feelings, aromas, and vibrations outside during springtime.

bright living room with spring colors

Start by Exploring the Popular Colors of March 2019…

Hazelnut, Cream, and Brown

Experimenting with shades of brown will bring you comfort and relaxation. Cream and brown shades are timeless and classic. When deciding which room of the home to paint with a brown or hazelnut shade, consider the lighting in each room and see which one you think needs to be brightened up the most. Paint that room with your hazelnut hue.

Dark Green & Blue

Shades of dark blue and green can be vibrant and sweet for the spring. When you choose a beautiful shade of royal or dark green, you bring earthy garden and botanical elements into the home. A dark green hue called “Night Watch” is listed as one of Pantone’s top 2019 paint colors. Blue is a classic color often chosen in the home. From charcoal blue, icy blue, grayish blue, and pale, chalky blue, you can sift through each tone and see which ones resonate with you.

woman sitting on couch drinking coffee in bright living room during spring

Spring Pastels

Muted tones of pastels can bring exciting yet soothing feelings into any room. Though they may seem common for the spring, explore how less is more with pastels. Pastels are ideal in bathrooms, kitchens, common areas, hallways, and more.

Pastels are easy on the eye, and cast a truly beautiful light in any area of the home. These colors are memorable, soft, and tranquil. Going with pastels allows you to get away from the traditional black and white, and you’re not taking a risk on a bolder color that you could regret.

Out With The Old, and In With The New

When the time comes, it’s out with the old winter oriental winter rugs, and in with the new bright colors and fresh patterns.

Remove linens, blankets, pillows, throws, appliances, accessories, and decorations with wintery aesthetics. Clean these items and store them for next season. When you’re all packed up, clean up your space and prepare for your paint process. Before you know it, your paint will be dry, and you’ll be redecorating and curating your space.

chair at desk with spring colors and accessories

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders. The spring is a time of rejuvenation and awakening, and it’s always so much nicer when the home reflects this. At WORKS we have our own in-house painters so we can ensure a thorough, quality job.

With interior paint jobs, we focus on the wall and trim preparation as well as sanding between coats for a smooth, professional finish. Are you ready to bring these elements of spring into your home with paint? Reach out to WORKS at (978) 360-2710.

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