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See Your North Shore Construction from Any Location

You’re planning a renovation, addition or completely new build for your first home or vacation home on Boston’s North Shore. Wouldn’t it be great if you could watch what the construction team does every step of the way, even from a distance—at work, on the road or wherever you are? We can do that.

WORKS uses a secure, online program called Basecamp, specifically designed for managing projects. One reason we use Basecamp is to keep everyone on the WORKS team informed about where we are on each project; they can immediately supply suggestions, confirm information or bring help where needed.

The other reason is that you, the homeowner, are part of that team. On Basecamp, full access to the information on your renovation, addition or new build is available to you (and only you). That includes photographs of work in progress, daily reports by the team working on your project and copies of change orders and receipts for your review. Whether your construction project is in Gloucester, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Essex, Beverly or any other town on the North Shore of Boston—no matter where you are physically—Basecamp brings you to the heart of your new build or renovation.

Day by day, you learn what we accomplished and what we plan as if you were looking over our shoulders. Through Basecamp you stay in touch with everything that happens during your project.

Whenever I say that WORKS creates a partnership with homeowners, I mean it. Basecamp is one way we keep that partnership strong. To find out more, please contact me today.

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