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Replacing Interior Doors and Windows

Updated: Aug 17

New Marvin windows installed on a seaside home in Essex, MAatlled n on

One of the advantages of WORKS by JD is when looking into replacing interior doors and windows, we try to salvage the old ones if they are quality. Often, when the team is handling a large renovation project at a historic home, we hear about inconveniences like a door that doesn’t close properly. If it’s a matter of a misaligned strike plate or a threshold that needs repair, we are happy to help the homeowner by fixing it. As door and window experts, we know it takes us a few minutes to solve a problem that has been irritating the homeowner for months or years. We also have the expertise to recognize the symptoms of a foundation problem or to recommend window or door replacement if a simple repair is out of the question.

Works custom interior doors

The doors and windows in one Manchester-by-the-Sea home met the definition of “old” without meeting the definition of “historic.” They were overdue for replacement. New windows and doors were an opportunity to upgrade not only comfort but also style. Throughout the Manchester home, we provided new entry doors and installed matching sliding doors on all the closets. We replaced the casings on the door and even extended the baseboards into the closets, creating a unified high-end look. We framed the new windows to match. The customized design will give the owners pleasure for years to come.

WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis not only repairs and replaces doors and windows, we custom design them to fit into the style and décor of your home while increasing comfort and improving layout. Doors and windows affect every aspect of a house, outside and inside, so make sure you have the WORKS experts on your team.

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