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Remodeling Ideas To Get Started On NOW!

Remodeling can bring about feelings of refreshing change and growth in the home. When the season changes, there are so many options for you to remodel and utilize the essence of the peak New England seasons.

Homeowners choose to remodel for a number of reasons when the season changes. Maybe you have outdoor space that you’ve never utilized, but finally want to make appealing to enjoy outside. Maybe you have an old back deck that’s rotting and deteriorating, and you want to restore the wood. Maybe you’ve been staring at an element of the home, imagining how you could get creative. Now is the perfect time to grab the reins, and remodel for the summer!

When you’re looking for options to brighten your home with a remodel, windows and skylights are the perfect additions. Adding new windows into the home will bring you natural sunlight, right in time for summer. The placement and angle of these windows is key, and will tell how much light and heat will be brought into your home. In reality, you have so many sizes, shapes, and styles of windows to choose from. Experts at Thomsen Construction can give you advice anywhere from window placement to glass types and other materials.

Remodel Patio/ Backyard Areas

Empty, unkempt, or unused backyard space can be remodeled into a beautiful outdoor area. This does not take much! You can transform your outdoor area into a beautiful patio with a cabana, or add a charming gazebo with screens on the sides for relaxation. Lay down a brick walkway, or add detail with stone and masonry. WORKS can help you with masonry work as we have skilled masons on our team, ready to tackle your projects. It is especially important that masonry work in New England be done right. With the swings in weather that we experience, poor masonry work can create big problems. WORKS uses concrete that is appropriate for our climate, and we make sure that all work is reinforced to hold up to the test of time.

Sliding Doors For Easy Access & Sunlight

WORKS by JD additions and renovations

Adding a sliding door to your home can be an awesome change, and may be just what you need to open up a room. Sunlight gives the illusion of comfort and space. Sliders allow easy access from inside to outside, whether you have steps going outside, a patio, or a back deck. With screens on your slider, you can keep pests outside and keep your cats, dogs, and pets inside. Having the extra windows in the home can be an opportunity to let in sunlight when you draw the shades.

So, what do you think?

property maintenance

You don’t need to perform an extravagant remodel; a small repurpose or a simple change can give you the same desired results. We hope these ideas get the ball rolling for you!

If you have questions about your remodels or projects to enjoy your summer to the fullest extent, reach out to us at WORKS. We can help you determine the depth of your project, and help you create a budget and a timeline for your work. You’ll love using Buildertrend, our project management system that allows you to access information and updates about your project right from your phone or computer.

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