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Remodeling Ideas for New Parents

So you’re starting a family, and you need to turn your home into a safe and comfortable place to raise a child. It’s not at all unusual for first time parents to make renovations on their home in anticipation of their first born children.

It’s important to prep your home for your child, but you also don’t want to get carried away with “baby proofing.” Here are a few simple but effective ways to renovate your home before the baby arrives.

Woman and daughter playing

Babies require stuff. Lots of stuff. From diapers, to wipes, to just about every other product you can think of. Your house is going to need more storage space.

Rather than just stuffing things into old drawers and cabinets, why not add some creative storage space that will improve both the style and functionality of your home?

Adding walls with columns, pull out cabinets, and built in bookcases are just some of the ways you can save space for when the baby arrives. Check out some of our custom cabinetry projects for inspiration.

TV Cabinet

In case you haven’t heard, babies can be messy.

While you’re sure to spend a good amount of time cleaning up as a parent, it might be nice to add an extra “no-babies-allowed” bathroom to your home. This will allow you and your significant other have at least one room in the house that won’t be devoted to your child. Read a little bit about your options in regards to adding a bathroom here.

Homeowners will often choose to attach the new bathroom to their own bedroom, to create some form of a safe haven from the busy life of parenthood!

Bathroom with tub

Messes are inevitable when it comes to starting a family. But there are ways you can prevent some of the difficulties involved with cleaning up after your baby.

Some types of flooring are much easier to clean than others. Hardwood floors are almost certainly the easiest to clean. The drawback, though, is that you may not want your baby stumbling around on such a hard surface as he or she begins to walk. Laminate flooring has a bit more give than hardwood floors, while still providing an easy to clean surface. Laminate flooring is the more inexpensive option.

Grey Flooring

New Wallpaper (DIY)

Your favorite wallpaper may not be a perfect fit for your babies bedroom.

Do some research on baby-friendly wallpaper styles and find one you like. Naturally, these wallpapers will be filled with bright colors, and pleasant images. It’s still certainly possible to find a wallpaper that your baby love, but that will also fit the aesthetic of your home.

Baby looking at pictures

This is one of the most fun parts of preparing for a new baby. Get creative, do some research, and have fun.

As you begin to prepare for what will be the most immersive experience of your life, make sure your home is suited for it as well. Give us a call at Works by JD and let us help you prepare for your brand new life.

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