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Quality, Prefessional Exterior Painting for 50-Year-Old Home

Updated: Aug 22

Quality exterior painting is more than cosmetic. When the WORKS team is called in to paint a home, we look for the underlying issues that have caused the cosmetic problems. We believe that a professional painting contractor should find and resolve problems—not merely paint over them.

For example, gutters receive a lot of weathering abuse over the years. When gutters fail, a home becomes vulnerable to wood rot, especially around the fascia and soffits. Fascias wrap around the roof parallel to the ground. Soffits are under the eaves, the covering between the wall of the house and the outer edge of the roof.

Called in to paint a single family, five bedroom and five bath Cape Cod in Wenham, WORKS found wood rot around the gutters and on the window sills, fascias, and soffits. In the early 1960s, this home was brand new. Fast forward half a century, and despite careful upkeep by the owners, the exterior was clearly in distress.

The WORKS team took pictures of the wood rot and related problems, then posted them on BaseCamp so that the homeowners could evaluate the situation for themselves. With the grateful homeowner’s permission, the team replaced boards when needed, used epoxy to seal between sills and trim, and only then painted the repaired areas, including the soffits, fascia, window trim, and front entrance panels. Next came repairs to the gutters and to the siding that had been damaged in the gutter area. A metal flashing was installed, running from behind the drip edge into the gutter to cover the fascia.

In this case, exterior painting was only a small part of a job that involved recognizing likely areas for damage, communicating the problem clearly to the homeowner, repairing the damage, and ensuring that everything possible had been done to protect and preserve the home’s exterior.

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