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Project Communication In Our Projects

We know that there’s nothing more frustrating than miscommunication. When projects get delayed or last longer than expected, wrong materials are chosen, or things don’t come out how you expected, this can feel defeating. As your schedule must continue during your construction, as life cannot be put on pause, we know the importance of timely communication.

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At WORKS, we demonstrate a level of confidence in our project communication with our partnering homeowners. Our confidence stems from our organized and efficient team, as well as with the help of Buildertrend.

Our Unique Project Management Tool

Buildertrend is a great tool for us, and we see so much success with it. WORKS is the only construction company in the Northeast to give homeowners secure online access to daily photos and information about their new build, addition, or remodel, posted on-the-spot by the WORKS team.

We use Buildertrend, a nationally known construction project management program, to bring you right into the heart of your own project, at any time. This allows you to see photos of your progress, as well as any comments and questions we may have. It’s super helpful and allows us to deliver excellent project management.

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BuilderTrend Transforming Our Client Relationships

As we have been using Buildertrend, we see how happy our clients are to have contact and updates with their projects. It’s especially successful when homeowners need to travel and/or go away for quite some time while their homes are under construction.

Buildertrend allows you to see everything you need, bringing you right onto the construction site. You are able to monitor the progress being made through photographs and reports. You’ll see and read first-hand the on-going decisions that an expert team makes to keep your project on time and on budget.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can phone or email WORKS right then and be assured of a timely response. This helps us stay on top of your requests and needs, and allows us to better meet all of your needs so you’re completely satisfied with your project.

We want to help you achieve the home improvement of your dreams. Reach out to works at 978-291-7735 and let’s get started.

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