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Preparing For The Summer Around The Home

Alas! We are finally nearing warm weather, and our clients and homeowners couldn’t be more excited.

But before we break out the pool floats and the beach chairs, there are a few steps you’ll want to take in the home and in the yard to help you prepare. When it comes to the summertime, we know families can be busy, or maybe the opposite, relaxing and unwinding at home. No matter what you choose to do with your summer, we know these steps will help you prepare.

  1. Ensure Your A/C Or Central Air Is Working Properly

  2. Before it gets really warm, be sure to have your A/C or central air system serviced by professionals. You wouldn’t want to be facing your first really hot day, and find yourself running into issues with your A/C when you go to turn it on.

  3. Properly Sealed Doors & Windows For Energy Efficiency

When you’re paying to cool your entire home, you want to ensure that cool, purified air stays in the home. Homeowners can lose money when their windows and doors are lacking the proper sealing and locking mechanisms. Prepare to keep your cool air sealed inside the home, and plan on keeping windows and doors closed & locked when the A/C is on.

Change Up Seasonal Home Décor

Summertime brings bright colors and fresh, new feelings into the home. Match these feelings with summertime décor around the home. Change out bedspreads, bath towels, hand towels, kitchen towels, shower curtains, decorative pillows, throws, and other linens around the home to match the summertime vibes. Consider bringing in new art and new pieces for the walls or rooms.

Outside The Home:

General Outdoor Cleaning To Prepare For Summer

Start by doing a general deep clean of your property. Do a stick pick-up, lawn pickup, rake all leaves and debris from past seasons, and correct anything out of place. We know to start to work in the yard after a long winter can be tiresome and seem like a lot of work. Take this step one day at a time until everything is in place again. Reshape bushes, trim shrubs, and replace stepping stones in your walkways.

Organize The Garage Or Shed

There are so many things in the shed or garage you’ll want to use during the summer. These items include bikes, lawn toys, and games, along with tools for the garden, and appliances like the lawn mower, weed wacker, etc. Bring these tools and accessories to the front of the garage and organize them accordingly. You’ll want to store winter items like shovels, your snowblower, and other things toward the back of the garage until next season. When you’re looking to get tools and other summer items on the fly, you’ll be happy you took the time to organize everything.

Care For The Lawn

When the lawn looks green and healthy, this gives your property a beautiful and complete appearance. Fertilize your lawn with lawn seed, and install a sprinkler system on a timer so you don’t have to remember to water your lawn as often. Take time to mow the lawn nicely when it grows tall, and keep up with your maintenance to keep the lawn on point.

Inspect Trees Surrounding Your Property

Loose trees and branches on your property can severely damage your home in the situation of a rainstorm or bad weather. Inspect the trees surrounding your property to ensure none pose a threat to your home or your family’s safety. If you have trees that are close to the home, consider calling a tree removal service or getting in touch with your property maintenance team.

These steps, both inside and outside of the home, are all important to tackle when preparing for summer. You’ll be happy to get these responsibilities out of the way, and enjoy summer to its full potential in the home. If you have questions about property maintenance or home improvement, reach out to WORKS by JD at (978) 360-2710.

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