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Painting Tips to Beautify Your Home

Updated: Aug 22

Q. I have a very dark room with small windows and installing larger windows will ruin the outside of my house. I’ve tried installing more light fixtures. Is there anything else I can do?

A. One method of increasing light is to position a mirror opposite the window to reflect light back into the room. The right choices in interior painting can also help. When choosing colors, stay away from paints with a lot of black in them and from very pale colors that might simply fade away in the room’s shadows. Choose bright, lively hues. Painting a mural on your wall adds visual interest and brightens any room, creating a focal point of color.

Q. I love color! However, my spouse is very conservative about color and insists on neutral paint for the walls. I’ve tried colorful accessories but is there any interior painting approach that will satisfy both of us?

A. Undertones of blue, green, red, yellow, or even purple will warm up whites and beiges. Some homeowners believe that white and beige are the only neutrals. In fact, gold, silver, and grey are also considered neutrals. Would your spouse agree to a room-brightening feature wall, a painted border, or a mural? If your spouse doesn’t like any bright color on the walls, you might try painting bright colors on the insides of drawers and cabinets.

Q. I’m closing on my new home in November. The outside really needs painting. It’s perfect weather now but would any professional painting contractor paint the exterior in November?

A. Quality exterior painting is essential here on the North Shore of Boston to protect homes from the weather. However, exterior paint will not adhere properly unless it is applied when temperatures are above 50 degrees and below 85 degrees. Rain or winds also damage new paint that hasn’t thoroughly dried. For those reasons, exterior painting should wait for consistent, warmer weather. In addition, your painting contractor should be looking for underlying structural issues. If the home’s exterior paint has been deteriorating for a while, there may be wood rot or warping, for example. Caulkers, fillers, and primers may need even warmer weather than paint to adhere properly.

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