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Painting Protects Your Home’s Value

As any reliable painting contractor will tell you, quality painting is one of the best means you can choose for protecting the exterior of your home. Quality exterior painting begins with preparation: identifying and fixing structural problems such as wood rot or insect holes; scraping thoroughly to remove old paint; sanding and cleaning; priming; and calking and sealing joints. The exterior paint of older homes may contain lead, and special precautions are needed to remove lead paint.

For any homeowner, a quality exterior paint job has to look good and last long, without bubbles, streaks and gaps where peeling can begin. As a general contractor, as well as a painting contractor, I recommend paints that resist cracking, dirt and mildew and that need fewer coats to cover properly—paints that require multiple coats usually dry unevenly and offer less protection. When choosing the exterior paint color, you should concentrate on colors that highlight the style of your home and its architectural details, fit in well with the colors of neighboring houses and keep the resale value high

The general rule of thumb is to paint the exterior of your home every 10 years. Depending on where your home is located on Boston’s North Shore, you may find that a north or east facing wall requires touchup more frequently because it is most exposed to the weather.

WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis provides exterior painting for homes across the North Shore of Boston. You can find out more about our quality painting projects on our website or give us a call today.

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