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Painting After Water Damage in Hamilton Home

Updated: Aug 22

Finding the Causes for Water Damage

The most common reasons for water damage are leaking pipes (in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries), compromised roofs/gutters and extreme weather. The WORKS team includes experts in tracking down and repairing water damage, and we have hand-picked plumbers who meet our high standards to take care of any plumbing issues.

The WORKS team always extends our search beyond the area of obvious issues to make sure the drywall is securely attached to the studs beneath throughout a room. Even if damage is not evident on the surface, problems with the drywall may also indicate problems with the insulation or structure underneath (for example, water-logged wood). We take nothing for granted—and we never simply paint over damage.

When the interior painting was finished, it was time to re-hang artwork and move back furniture. We consider that, too, as part of our job.

Praise from Homeowner

The Hamilton homeowner was very pleased. She wrote us, “Great communication…The crew work extremely well and very hard…Lovely work. Thank you!”

Painting is just the final step in making sure that a home fully recovers from water damage, so that homeowners can be confident their home is structurally sound. WORKS is ready to help at every stage, from diagnosis to repair to restoration. If your home has suffered water damage, please contact us.

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