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Natural Lighting from Windows Bring Spring & Summer Into the Home

Updated: Aug 17

Spring & summer in New England are known for being warm, sunny, and bright. When the sun is shining and you’re spending time at home, it almost feels wrong to be inside. Though you can enjoy the air-conditioned rooms of the home, sometimes it’s simply not enough, and you’ll want a dose of fresh air throughout the home once in a while. Natural lighting from windows bring Spring & Summer into the home.

Let Some Light In!

With access to the outside whenever you want it, beautiful windows and large glass doors can allow natural light to enter the home with ease and add aesthetic beauty. This brings the season right into your home, and allows you to capture the essence of the outdoors from inside. Read on to learn why elements of the home, like windows and doors, are especially admired by homeowners during the spring and summer months of the year.

Windows and French Doors let the light in to this  great room in Georgetown, MA

Sifting Through Your Options

When your property receives ample sunlight and you get a lot of fresh air in your area, you’ll feel the urge to harness and utilize this energy. The good news is you have SO many options.

Natural lighting from windows

Tall windows, bay windows, small windows, stained glass windows, and so many other styles/shapes of windows can be installed in the home. This is often a great answer for homeowners searching for ways to improve rooms. If a room in the home is feeling dark, dreary, closed off, or unwelcoming, look for ways to bring in natural light. Different types of windows will invite a different amount of light into each room. Experiment with different styles to see what you like, and see what’s appropriate for different areas of the home.

Windows allow for you to open and close them for a breath of fresh air as needed. Installing screens is widely recommended so you can leave the windows open for an extended period of time without worrying about insects, critters, leaves, or debris coming into the home.

French Doors, Skylights, different shaped windows and transoms are all used to add natural light to this room  and

Skylights In Ceilings

For those areas of the home that aren’t on the walls (corners, crevices, and ceilings), consider installing a skylight. The amount of heat or sunlight that will enter your home will depend on the placement, slope, or incline of the skylight that is angled toward the sun.

Sliding Glass Doors

When looking to incorporate both sunlight and fresh airflow throughout the home, sliding glass doors can do exactly that. Not only does installing these doors bring more natural light into your home but it allows a new entryway too. Consider how nice it would be to have a slider on the porch that allows you to walk right out of the house and onto the porch or into the backyard. Would you benefit from access to the deck from different parts of the home? Homeowners enjoy having multiple entryways that allow easy access, especially with pets, large families, and young children.

Considering The Details

AN oval window ads a stunning architectural element and natural lighting to this Plum Island Home

You’ll want to consider the type of glass you use to install your windows and doors. You’ll also want to compare prices for materials and ask questions with your construction company. WORKS can help you choose the proper materials for your new doors, windows, and skylights, and compare your options that are all within your budget.

When you let in the natural light into your home, you’ll see your mood increase. This is the beauty of the Earth’s natural elements. Who knew it was so easy to incorporate these natural elements into the home? Big windows, doors that allow natural light, and skylights from the ceiling can do wonders in the home. Reach out to WORKS with your questions. Our team is ready to assist you and answer all of the questions you have about window and door installations.

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